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Whether you want to be politically correct or not, it still means that saving money is as important now as ever. Because Tognotti's Auto World has been developing relationships with quality manufacturers for over 50 years, we are able to offer very competitive prices that will help you save those hard earned dollars. We have been specializing in performance parts for cars & trucks of all kinds since 1964. This not only means we have what it takes to increase your vehicle’s performance, but at the same time (and often with the same enhancements) increase fuel efficiency! Doesn't it stand to reason that if you increase the efficiency of your motor, that you can realize better gas mileage? Well it all depends on how you use that extra power. Put your foot into it and you'll feel the extra horses that these "enhancements" can give, but you can also choose to temper your driving and use the extra power toward better fuel economy. From our home page, you can begin finding some of the best deals in PERFORMANCE! Just remember, how you use that extra power is up to you! So have a safe summer and please drive carefully! Tognotti's Auto World - Performance And More Since '64

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